Leather Italia

Leather Italia USA was founded in 1997 by Michael Campbell, current CEO and President.  The company launched with a promise to create and offer the best values and best quality available worldwide in the leather furniture market.

Mr. Campbell created a culture and passion from what was born in previous years in the raw material supply markets and tannery world markets. Leather Italia USA ™ takes great pride and honor in having expertise and leather knowledge second to none.  The company and its entire team are recognized worldwide for offering unmatched value and leather quality.

They offer a broad line of fashion and design, ships from national distribution centers, and also offers direct container programs worldwide. The company prides itself on internal design, creativity, and service second to none.

Leather Italia USA ™ is viewed worldwide as a recognized name brand. The company supplies the finest retailers and partners in depth from various collections including up-to-date OEM developments. The company has received notoriety and various awards and supports many charitable functions with a keen focus on children and the “Taylor Campbell Pledge Fund” at the UNC North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center, Chapel Hill, NC.  Mr. Campbell, company CEO and President, serves as an Advisory Board Member at UNC North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center and is very proud of the company’s accomplishments and energy in making positive differences in lives.

Welcome to the Leather Italia USA ™ family. We assure you that we will continually strive to make a difference and take every opportunity to ensure our mission statement will always apply: “To provide the highest quality and service with uncompromising integrity.”