Barcalounger builds its operations around providing optimum service and quality in the furniture industry. The company has established its name since its inception in 1941 by founder Edward J. Barcalo. However, it all started as the Barcalo Manufacturing Company in 1896 and was then changed to the Barcalounger Company.

The company’s journey was tough, experiencing the highs and lows in the furniture-making business. In 2010, the company filed for bankruptcy and had to shut down some of its manufacturing plants in Martinsville, Virginia, and Rocky Mount, North Carolina. But that didn’t stop them from pursuing their passion and commitment in the furniture manufacturing sector. Edward J. Barcalo then set up shop in 2011 in their new manufacturing plant in Morristown, Tennessee.

That year, the famous Barcalounger chairs that we now know of today were manufactured. The company had also created quality beds in its plant in Welland, Ontario. But the reclining chairs remain the most well-embraced Barcalounger products to date.

When it comes to reclining chairs, one furniture company emerges and that is Barcalounger. Aside from occasional home furnishings, the company specializes in recliners, pedestal chairs, ottomans, and motion sofas. Every design is built with perfection in mind. All Barcalounger’s items provide maximum comfort and support that are perfect to laze around after a hard day’s work.

For over seven decades, the company has been catering to every family’s needs when relaxing at home. The brand ensures every customer enjoys quality, comfort, and innovation with every recliner, chair, or sofa.